Trust Services

Protect your wealth now—and for future generations—with a tax-efficient trust. 

Ensuring your legacy often requires more than a simple will. LSNB’s experienced fiduciaries can help you create and manage trusts that simplify your estate planning, reduce tax burdens, and protect your assets—so your designated trustees can receive the full benefit of your financial successes.

A Full Range of Trust Services

Lone Star National Bank’s Trust Department offers a full range of trust services designed to help clients better manage their assets, protect their wealth, and provide support for family members in the event of death, disability, or incapacity. Acting as a corporate fiduciary, we can provide the following services:
The LSNB Team

Meet Our Wealth Management Team

At LSNB, our advisors embody trust and innovation, empowering clients to build a lasting financial legacy. Our team specializes in personalized strategies that focus on wealth preservation and growth, ensuring each client’s journey towards financial empowerment is secure and successful.

Britt Alan Woods

Executive Vice President / Director of Financial & Insurance Services, McAllen Corporate Office
Michael Costa

Michael Costa

Senior Vice President / Director of Compliance & Operations, McAllen Corporate Office

Carlos Hilario

Vice President / Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Vanessa Grajeda

Vanessa Grajeda

Assistant Vice President / Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Luis Membreno

Luis Membreno

Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Rafael Munguia

Rafael Munguia

Wealth Management Advisor, McAllen Corporate Office

Dora Alvarado

Wealth Management Specialist, McAllen Corporate Office

Safeguard Your Assets for the Benefit of Your Successors ​

From controlling asset distribution for minors to shielding philanthropic support from taxes, each type of trust serves specific purposes and has specific benefits. Our Trust Services professionals can help you create a solution that best aligns with your goals. Contact us today to explore your options. 

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