Interim Construction Loans at LSNB

Paving the Way for Your Dream Home in South Texas

Embark on the exciting journey of building your dream home with the strategic financial support of Lone Star National Bank’s Interim Construction Loans. Tailored for the unique demands of home construction, our short-term loans bridge the gap between your architectural plans and the reality of your completed home.

Comprehensive Financing for Every Construction Phase

Whether you’re looking to consolidate high-interest debt or simply cover an unexpected bill, personal loans can be an important financial management tool. And when you work with one of our dedicated lenders, we’ll take the time to find a loan that will support your continued financial success, with clear terms and manageable monthly payments.

We know that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and you need a fast and simple financing solution to navigate them. Also called “good faith loans”, unsecured personal loans require no collateral—just your signature, a credit and income check, and your promise to repay. With a personal signature loan from LSNB, you can get back on your feet quickly, without missing a beat.

Our Interim Construction Loans are designed to cover a wide array of costs, ensuring that every aspect of your home construction is financially catered for, including:

A Tailored Financial Approach

Distinguishing itself from traditional mortgages, an Interim Construction Loan at LSNB offers:

Short-term Flexibility:

Aligning with the pace of your project, our loans are tailored to the typical one-year construction cycle, with the option to refinance upon project completion.

Draw Schedule Customization:

Funds are released in sync with your project's milestones, ensuring that finances are available exactly when needed.

Interest-Only Payments:

Manage your cash flow effectively by paying interest only on the funds drawn, leading to lower monthly payments during construction.

Why Choose LSNB for Your Construction Financing?

Start the Journey, Today!

With an expert lending team that understands construction, we stand ready to propel you toward your building aspirations in South Texas. Discover the LSNB difference at a branch near you, from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio, and let’s work together to construct your future. Let’s get started today! 1 (800) 580-0322