FHA and VA Loans

Your Pathway to Homeownership in South Texas

Lone Star National Bank is committed to making the dream of homeownership a reality for South Texans. Our FHA and VA Loans are designed for a diverse range of homebuyers, providing the support and flexibility needed to purchase your new home.

FHA Loans: Opening Doors for Homebuyers

FHA Mortgage Loans are popular among younger and first-time buyers because they permit people with a slightly lower than average credit score to qualify for home loans and the lower down payment option also makes it more affordable to buy your first home.

VA Loans: Honoring Those Who Serve

If you are eligible for a VA Mortgage Loan, it’s an affordable way to buy a home without having to pay mortgage insurance premiums in exchange for not having a down payment.

Zero Down Payment:

An extraordinary benefit to honor your service.

Accessible Terms:

From 10 to 30 years, find a fit for your financial future.

Dedicated to Veterans:

Exclusively for service members, veterans, and their spouses.

Expert Guidance Through Your Home Loan Journey

LSNB Lenders stand ready to walk you through the advantages of each loan type. Whether it’s lowering upfront costs or maximizing your borrowing power, we’ll help you find the loan that opens doors to your new home.

Committed to South Texas Homebuyers

With an extensive team of lenders and a strong community focus, we’re here to serve the homeownership aspirations of our neighbors. Begin your application online, or visit us to discuss how our FHA and VA loans can fulfill your homeownership dreams. Let’s get started today! (956) 661-0899