LSNB Card Manager™

An easy way to manage and protect your debit card.
Coming Soon

New Card Controls, Designed for the Digital Age

Experience unparalleled control and security with our enhanced card management features. Soon, you’ll be able to manage your cards with even more precision and ease. Stay tuned for the ultimate in banking convenience and safety.

Card Lock/Unlock

 Instantly lock and unlock your cards to prevent unauthorized use and enhance security.

Receive real-time notifications and set custom controls on your card transactions to stay informed and in control.

Stay secure and in control with our PIN management feature.

Easily set temporary spending limits for high-value purchases, giving you flexibility and peace of mind.

Seamlessly link your cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay for a smooth and convenient payment experience.

  • Travel Notifications: Notify us of your travel plans to ensure uninterrupted card usage wherever you go.
  • Replacement Options for Lost/Stolen Cards: Report and replace lost or stolen cards effortlessly through our app.
  • Card Activation: Activate your new cards securely and quickly within the app.
  • View Card Details: Access your card information anytime for online transactions and management.

Premier Banking Experience

Log in to our LSNB Mobile™ app and you will see the LSNB Card Manager™ button on the bottom right hand side (on iPhone) and on the top left hand menu (on Android). Your LSNB Card Manager™ features will allow you to manage and protect your debit card. All of these features and more directly from within your LSNB Mobile™ app. Take control of your debit card with LSNB Card Manager™.