Professional Liability Insurance

Mistakes can happen. Make sure your business is covered. 

No matter how careful or experienced you and your employees are, errors can still occur, leaving your business vulnerable to lawsuits. Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance), shields businesses from legal consequences when professionals make mistakes or oversights in their services—or customers think they do. 

Professional Liability Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance

Both types of liability insurance can protect your business from the financial fallout and lawsuits associated with personal injury, bodily injury, or other damages. However, while general liability insurance covers accidental damages, professional liability insurance covers damages sustained through negligence, oversights, or errors made by business owners and employees. Many businesses, especially those that offer professional services, can benefit from additional professional liability insurance. 


What does Professional Liability Insurance cover?

These policies can help protect your business against lawsuits claiming: 

Professional liability insurance can also help cover any expenses incurred for your legal defense, including attorney fees and court costs, when a client files a lawsuit against you for errors in the professional services you rendered.

Benefits of Working with Lone Star for Your Liability Insurance Needs

Certain operations are especially vulnerable to professional liability claims and may need added protections to ensure they are safeguarded from potential lawsuits. If your business provides professional advice or services, we can help you find the right coverage to shield you from liability should a client claim a significant error or oversight—whether it happened or not. 

When you work with an experienced, community-based agency like LNSB Insurance Services to protect your business, you can count on:

One-on-one service:

Our agents will take the time to understand your business, its associated risks, and possible need for professional liability coverage.

Fully customizable coverage:

Work with an agent to create the right plan from our extensive menu of insurance options.

Local assistance:

Don’t be left high-and-dry by large, national companies. Rest-assured knowing that your agent will be there to serve you whenever a need arises—right here in South Texas.

Partner with Lone star Insurance Services to Fortify Your Business's Future.

When you work with us, know that you’ll have coverage and service you can count on, from applying for the right policy to making a claim should you experience an unforeseen loss. Reach out to our agents today to learn more about our insurance selections and see how you can keep your South Texas business protected and secured with Lone Star. Let’s get started today!

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