Fiduciary Investment Services

Professional portfolio management for long-term growth.

Our fiduciary investment services are designed to help you create a plan for growing and protecting your wealth, with ongoing professional portfolio management.

Working With You To Build Your Portfolio

When you partner with LSNB, you’ll work with a designated Portfolio Manager (fiduciary) to create a constellation of investments that provide tax efficiency while aligning with your unique goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Our investment management accounts and services include:

The LSNB Team

Meet Our Wealth Management Team

At LSNB, our advisors embody trust and innovation, empowering clients to build a lasting financial legacy. Our team specializes in personalized strategies that focus on wealth preservation and growth, ensuring each client’s journey towards financial empowerment is secure and successful.

Britt Alan Woods

Executive Vice President / Director of Financial & Insurance Services, McAllen Corporate Office
Michael Costa

Michael Costa

Senior Vice President / Director of Compliance & Operations, McAllen Corporate Office

Carlos Hilario

Vice President / Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Vanessa Grajeda

Vanessa Grajeda

Assistant Vice President / Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Luis Membreno

Luis Membreno

Wealth Relationship Manager, McAllen Corporate Office
Rafael Munguia

Rafael Munguia

Wealth Management Advisor, McAllen Corporate Office

Dora Alvarado

Wealth Management Specialist, McAllen Corporate Office

Hands-On Professional Investment Management ​

When you need more than simple investment advice, our Fiduciary Investment Services may be the right choice for you. With your goals and interests in mind, LSNB’s experienced Portfolio Managers will work hard to create and manage a tailored portfolio to grow and preserve your wealth, coordinating regular client communications so that you’re always abreast of your investment performance. Contact us today to learn more about how our dedicated professional fiduciaries can serve your financial needs. 

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