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Imagine a banking partner that connects your finances to the world with the ease of a local transaction. Whether it’s transforming pesos into progress or euros into enterprise, LSNB is your gateway to global business and travel. Unleash the potential of international wires and currency exchange with services crafted for the world citizen in you. Step into LSNB, and let’s turn your global financial aspirations into reality, one currency at a time.

LSNB Global Financial Services: Your Passport to International Finance

At LSNB, we understand the value of a seamless international transaction. Our International Wires service in over 35 currencies and competitive currency exchange offerings are designed with the global entrepreneur and traveler in mind. From same-day credits in Mexican pesos to the accessibility of major currencies like euros, pounds, and Canadian dollars, we’re here to ensure your money moves as freely as you do.

LSNB's Global Reach – Your Financial Horizons Expanded:

International Wires:

Crediting Time:

Mexican peso transactions are credited the same day; other currencies may take 24-48 business hours.1

Market Rates:

Rates are subject to the fluctuations of the foreign exchange market; promotional rates are not advertised.

Service Awareness:

This service is not widely promoted and may be unfamiliar to customers.

Currency Exchange:

Check Cashing Services:

Service available. Certain conditions apply.

1. Please note that the crediting times for transactions are estimates and can vary due to factors beyond our control. While we endeavor to credit Mexican peso transactions on the same day and other currencies within 24-48 business hours, these timelines are not guaranteed. Transaction processing times may be affected by intermediary bank policies, currency holidays, or the compliance checks necessary to ensure secure transactions. We are committed to processing your transactions as swiftly as possible and will communicate any anticipated delays as they become known to us.

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Our team of relationship managers can work with you to resolve your business’s currency exchange needs. Visit one of our many branches in South Texas, from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio, to explore our business banking products and find solutions to keep your company moving. Have Questions? We’re Here To Help! (956) 984-2440