Fixed-Rate Home Loans

Stability for Your South Texas Home

At Lone Star National Bank, our fixed-rate home loans are designed to provide security and predictability for homeowners in South Texas. Embrace the tranquility of consistent payments and safeguard against the uncertainty of fluctuating interest rates.

Personalized Mortgage Guidance

Our mortgage officers are dedicated to crafting a loan structure that fortifies your financial wellbeing. We ensure the monthly payments are in harmony with your budget, offering a fixed-rate solution that supports your aspirations without fear of future rate hikes*.

Unwavering Payments for Unmatched Peace of Mind

Rooted in South Texas

Our expansive team of mortgage professionals is devoted to the residents of South Texas. We’re at the forefront of providing comprehensive financial services that contribute to the growth and stability of our community. Begin your journey online or at our branches, from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio, to discover how our fixed-rate home loans can secure your future. Let’s get started today! (956) 661-0899