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ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment processing network for financial transactions that provides our business customers the opportunity to effectively manage their payables and receivables processes. It is cost effective, and it is not just for payroll.

Our business customers are able to use ACH Origination to manage a variety of electronic transactions, including:

  • Payroll with Direct Deposits or Reimbursements
  • Child Support Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • Preauthorized Debits – Rent Dues, Gym Memberships, Insurance Payments
  • Supplier Payments

Benefits of ACH Payments
  • Eliminates the manual process and costs associated with check printing, paying for postage, and the cost of having to pay for stop payment fees when checks get lost or stolen.
  • Improve cash management by making your accounts payable process electronic with ACH origination. You have control over the timing of your payments.
  • Helps lower processing costs and reduces exposure to check fraud.

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Treasury Management

Treasury Management

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