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FDIC Consumer News: Tax Season and Your Refund Options
Click here to learn more about the changes in banking technology that make managing your refund safer and easier than ever.

LSNB Card Manager™
The LSNB Card Manager™ app gives you the ability to control your Lone Star National Bank debit card from your phone. One touch locks your card when you want to stop any transactions, protecting yourself against fraudulent transactions.
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Lone Star National Bank is dedicated to providing our customers with world-class service.

With the LSNB Card Manager™ app, you can protect yourself against fraudulent transactions with just one touch. Lock down your card and prevent transactions from going through and unlock when you are ready to use again.

LSNB Card Manager™ also allows you to view purchases and ATM transactions, view real-time account balance and activate instant alerts so you are notified when your card has been used. You can even set spending threshold limits for your card, which is a great way to control family spending.

Managing your card has never been easier with the LSNB Card Manager™ app. Download the app today!

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