Participation Is FREE & Easy!!
The GenGold® Local Business Partner Program is an exciting opportunity for your business to reach thousands of people without the cost of advertising.

Introducing GenGold®
GenGold® is an exclusive membership program that delivers savings and rebates on products and services people use and value most. From savings on groceries to the trip of a lifetime, GenGold® helps members “live better for less!”

And with participation from the best local businesses in town, our goal is to keep people in the area doing business with you!

Local Participants

  • Your business will be promoted to the local community in printed material and on our website at absolutely no cost to you
  • As a participant, you will receive a complimentary GenGold® membership, enabling you, your family, and your business to save and benefit*

How It Works

  • Offer a meaningful discount off the regular retail price whenever a member presents their GenGold® card and makes a purchase
  • Educate your employees about the discount offered to members
  • Prominently display the GenGold® “Welcomed Here” decal

It’s a Win-Win For Everyone
Your business wins with increased traffic and sales. Members win with the best value right here at home. And we win by helping the local business community remain strong while offering the most attractive service in town.

*Benefits and services subject to change and availability

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