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4 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund in 2017While most have yet to receive their W2s, many are already debating on what to spend their refunds on. You could have your refund earmarked for some much needed shopping, but before you get ahead of yourself, rethink what you’ll be doing with yours. Don’t treat your money as a bonus check. Instead, give it a purpose. read more

What You Should do to Get Ready for Tax SeasonIt’s that time of year many look forward to and others don’t. Yes, we’re talking about tax season. Many start noticing tax forms as they arrive in the mail from the end of January and on. While online tax software has made things easier for tax professionals, most of the burden still falls on you. Get anything wrong and you might be dealing with a financial headache later on. read more

Why You Should Open a Certificate of Deposit with Lone Star National BankAnyone looking for a place to store his or her hard-earned money for a long time (other than a checking or savings account) should consider a certificate of deposit (CD). It’s a great way to hold the cash you won’t be using for an extended period of time. In this piece, we’ll break down everything you’ll need to know about CDs and investment strategies. read more

A New Year Means a New Financial OutlookA new year always seems to be the best time to start eating healthy, leaving negative karma behind and overhauling your financial life. Many tips and tricks can serve as excellent starting points to help you get closer to your financial goals. Below are just a few to consider to add to your agenda. read more

What You Can do to Avoid a Financial Holiday HangoverAfter all of the gifts have been opened, the food eaten and the catching up with friends and family is over, it’s normal to be weary of looking at your bank account. The holiday season is one of the most brutal to your wallet if you don’t plan accordingly. It can lead to impulsive spending and more debt that you’ll eventually have to deal with. But one of the most productive things you can do is find ways to ease the financial strain you’ve put on yourself. read more

10 Benefits of Owning an LSNB Credit Card - Part 2In our previous post about LSNB’s credit cards, we discussed such benefits as Internet purchases, rewards, improved credit scores and more that can all make your financial needs easier. In this piece, we’ll discuss, at length, the remaining benefits of owning our Visa and Master Card credit cards. read more

A Few Ideas to Consider When Financially Planning for an Extended Leave One of the biggest and most common reasons professionals go on extended leave from work is due to the addition of a new family member. Yes, we’re talking about children! People usually want to spend time at home as children grow up and don’t think about returning to work until after the first school year. read more

10 Benefits of Owning an LSNB Credit Card - Part 1 We completely understand why credit cards get a decent amount of bad press when it comes to personal finances. Yet, credit cards offer a variety of benefits when people use them correctly and responsibly. They also turn out to be an excellent financial tool. read more

Let’s Do Business: 4 Benefits of Owning a Business Checking Account If you manage a small business, juggling staff, customers and cash flows are some things that have to be dealt with head-on. It can be hard, but if you're looking to make things easier on yourself, consider looking into a Lone Star National Bank Business Savings Account, which can help your business run things more smoothly. read more

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Opening a Business Checking Account For small business owners, spending the least amount on anything business-related is very tempting - especially for a start-up. This usually includes anything from running client payments to handling business expenses through their own checking account instead of a business account. At Lone Star National Bank, we encourage all entrepreneurs to open a business checking account, even if they're just starting out as a freelancer. There are many benefits about separating business and personal finances, so let’s go through them! read more

4 Tips to Save Money During Your Holiday Shopping The season of spending money on holiday gifts is quickly approaching - it’s a festive time that should be about giving and not expecting anything in return. Oftentimes, however, holidays come at a cost. Each year, millions of Americans go over their budgets during the holidays, and sometimes, this period results in gathering new debt to help cover expenses. Lone Star National Bank has financial services to help you save and spend money - without overspending! read more

4 Tips for Staying Financially Secure Everyday Americans are constantly overwhelmed with news about unemployment, the rise of debt, maintaining a good credit score and a lack of savings. Times are tough and maintaining healthy financial habits may be difficult. Lone Star National Bank is here to give you some tips about the difference a few small moves can make to improve our financial well-being. read more

Debit Cards 101: How to Manage Yours Debit cards are one of the most useful financial tools at our disposal when making purchases without having to worry about racking up debt. Unfortunately, debit cards can also form unhealthy spending habits if not used wisely. Lone Star National Bank is here to give you some tips for managing your debit card transactions! read more

4 Tips to Helping Cut Back on Expenses in Order to Save People are always looking for ways to lower their monthly expenses. Forget about scrambling for ideas on how to make money fast. Instead, make smarter choices in order to save up to pay for bills, insurance, groceries, etc. Lone Star National Bank would like to provide a few tips on how to save by cutting expenses you don’t need or use. read more

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Commercial Loan Entering the world of residential loans is something many Texans are familiar with; commercial lending on the other hand can be a much trickier process. Fortunately, we at Lone Star National Bank have great business lending options and are ready to put your business-establishing efforts into motion! read more