With LSNB Digital Deposits, you can deposit checks online from your home by using a scanner or by visiting one of LSNB many ATMs.

The LSNB Digital Deposits business day doesn’t end until 9 p.m., so you have a longer window to deposit your checks, giving you quicker access to your money — deposits made before 9 p.m. are processed the same day and funds are typically available the next business day.

Scanner Check Deposits:

With LSNB Office Banker scanner, you can deposit checks online from your home anytime.

This service works with all sorts of deposits:

  • U.S. checks
  • money orders
  • traveler’s checks
  • cashier’s checks
  • U.S. Treasury checks

Smart ATM deposits:

Make check and cash deposits without an envelope or deposit slip at one of our Smart ATMs. You can see the image of your checks and the details of the cash on your receipt, so you know your deposit is accurate.

Digital Deposits from Lone Star National Bank, another of the many ways we bring the bank to you.