Online Access

You can view your account activity anytime with internet Banking by logging in and clicking “View Your Accounts.” It’s free for Lone Star National Bank customers to use the basic features within internet Banking. If you aren’t already a internet Banking user, signing up is easy just Click Here.

If you are currently a Lone Star National Bank customer:

Apply for your internet Banking access by submitting our application online. We will mail out a letter notifying you of your set up and issue your personal ID and Password. Or, if you’d rather, you may complete, print and sign this application, then either bring it to your local banking center or mail it to:

Lone Star National Bank

Attention: Internet Banking Department 
P.O. Box 1127

Pharr, TX 78577

If you are not an existing customer of Lone Star National Bank, please visit one of our banking centers to open your account.

Online Banking, just one of the many ways Lone Star National Bank brings the bank to you.